Politics of Touch

from Politics of Touch – by Erin Manning:

“Touch functions as a medium of open-ended exchange:  I respond not to your touch as such but to the potentiality your movement incites within my body.  I respond to our reciprocal reaching-toward.  If this touch is indeed approached relationally, chances are the couple will dance beautifully together.  Body to body they will space time and time space.

Bodies begin to morph… new qualities in turn alter the relation between the bodies, modifying their potential movement.  As the bodies qualitatively metamorphose, so does the relation between the form and matter of these bodies… a body of intensity, speed, precision, caring… a body that calls forth engagement, creativity, joy.

Reaching-toward, qualitative changes are expressed in and through the bodies in relation.  These are qualities of movement rather than properties of Being.  Touch as a reaching-toward is not a question of Being.  It is a question of becoming… bodies reaching toward one another are haunted by their potential to become. “