9.20 – 9.28.13: Shannon does Cloudland

Shannon does Cloudland: Round 1
Live Arts Exchange
Bootleg Theater
September, 2013

I will be performing on rotating shared programs with Jennie MaryTai Liu, Nick + James, and Hana van der Kolk.


Shannon Does Cloudland finds our heroine continuing her quest for fame in Hollywood. Her hopes pinned on landing the lead role in an action thriller (despite any acting experience or credits), Shannon awaits her “audition” in an isolated basement rehearsal space. In a poetic, durational selfie, Shannon impulsively explores the relationship between expectation and devastation, amateurism and expertise, in a valiant effort to shift the balance of validity in the entertainment capital of the world as we know it.  Sound score by Aaron Drake/ Lighting by Chris Kuhl / Performed by Shannon Kimball*.

Friday, Sept 20 @ 7pm on a shared program with NICK + JAMES
Saturday, Sept 21 @1pm with Jennie MaryTai Liu
Tuesday, Sept 24 @7pm with NICK + JAMES
Saturday, Sept 28 @3:30pm with Hana van der Kolk

Live Arts Exchange (LAX) creates space for and draws attention to contemporary performance emerging out of Los Angeles.

Show Box L.A. presents works by Jennie MaryTai Liu, Nick + James, Hana van der Kolk, and Meg Wolfe on rotating shared programs during the first two weeks of this three-week series.

Produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice and the Bootleg Theater, the first ever Live Arts Exchange pulls contemporary theater and dance, film/video, animation, punk opera, and party into one space. LAX 2013 features work from Early Morning Opera, Show Box LA, Poor Dog Group, and Chi-wang Yang, with special events with Timur & the Dime Museum, Zoe Aja Moore, and Miwa Matreyek.

*Shannon Kimball has made brief appearances over the past two years: as reluctant band-leader at the farewell Anatomy Riot #45 and at Ten Tiny Dances at the Segerstrom Center; in her go-go debut with the Psych-Out DaDa GoGo Family at Ann Magnuson’s East Meets West opening at Royal T, at the Toast & Jam cabaret at ArtWorks Theater; and on video in Shannon’s Big Break.

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