1/9 +1/10/2015: The FRESH Festival

January 9 & 10, 2015
Joe Goode Annex  San Francisco, CA

A 30-minute work-in-progress showing of New Faithful Disco on a shared program.

The FRESH Festival is an artist-driven and artist-oriented platform with a mission to ensure that the San Francisco Bay Area continues to grow as a provocative and productive center for contemporary artistic expression in dance, performance and practice. FRESH acts as an instigator of experimental art practices, performance and exchange, with an imperative to cultivate, support, connect and archive local artists and art via creative, educational and community-building endeavors. Established in 2010 by ALTERNATIVA, FRESH Festival embodies a unique intersection of perspectives and aesthetics, representing and nurturing Bay Area legacies of boundary-crossing sensibilities, artistic experimentation, creative performance tactics and accessible, alternative education.

www.freshfestival.org NFDm5

New Faithful Disco 

Choreographer: Meg Wolfe
created in collaboration with
Performers: taisha paggett, Marbles (Rae Shao-Lan), Meg Wolfe
Music: Maria de los Angeles Cuca Esteves
Scenic Design/Costumes: Gregory Barnett

Supported by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, and the support of  individual donors:

Asimina Chremos
Liam Clancy
Milka Djordjevich
Aaron Drake
Fariba Gaffari
Neil Greenberg
Judy Helfand
Arianne Hoffmann
Margaret Jenkins
Minshin Kim
Bonnie Lavin
Ian MacKinnon
Ilaan Mazzini
Edgar Miramontes
Andrea Moore
Mark Murphy
Paul Outlaw
Pat Payne
Jesus A. Reyes
Pat Wheeler

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