3 years in space


June 7-10, 2019   6-9:30pm
we live in space / 2520 W Jefferson Blvd / LA CA 90018

4-channel video loop
Total running time: approx 90 minutes

In summer of 2016, I opened we live in space while simultaneously rehearsing and touring my last full-evening work, New Faithful Disco. Since that time, my focus has been on managing the studio. In between other artists’ rehearsals and late at night, I work in space, and sometimes I record my improvisations. 3 YEARS IN SPACE is a diaristic record of the ongoing work that happens between the “works”, documenting some of my personal practice in this very special studio that has nurtured so many artists over the past three years- with many more to come.

I wanted to share this documentation of the non-performative state and drop the viewer into the middle of it. I’ve compiled and pieced together this material into four videos depending on what location of the studio I was in – South, West, North, East – and project it back in a looping cycle.

Internal, rambling, non-spectacular, it accumulates through mundane regularity – repetition of certain ways of moving, familiar articles of rehearsal clothing, the sounds of the traffic or the church across the street, the occasional appearance of alter-ego Shannon, mood shifts. Looking for a direction to follow or feelings to unravel, the studio has been a haven to sink into this private practice, a danced meditation.

I see this solo video work as the first phase of a project to eventually involve four other dancers: Down, Down, Hand Me Down.

Thank you for being here.


Video/editing by Meg Wolfe; quad edit by Jonathan Stearns/Channel B4 Media.