Artforum: Best of 2016 – The Year in Performance

Artforum: Time and Time Again

CRAVE Culture: New Faithful Disco is Mighty Real

Portland Mercury

Fjord Reviews: Disco Odyssey

Los Angeles Times

SeeDance News


Another Righteous Transfer: exploring performance in the LA art scene

2013: Dancers in the Architecture


Los Angeles Times: Faces to Watch in 2012: Dance, Theater, Architecture and Art

Unsettling and Plush at the Same Time – in conversation with Stacy Dawson Stearns


The Misread City  

Los Angeles Times/Culture Monster

The Magic of the Dance

LA Weekly Style Council on trembler.SHIFTER


Critical Correspondence – a conversation with Clarinda MacLow

National Arts Journalism Project – interview


Los Angeles Times, feature interview:  From Transplant to LA’s Heart and Soul

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