take the long way home (2019)
2019-10-24 11.16.52

Take The Long Way Home 05Take The Long Way Home 04Take The Long Way Home 02Take The Long Way Home 01Take The Long Way Home 06photos by Nick Pierce

3 Years in Space (2019)
4-channel video installation quad3yr
2019-06-06 19.16.48
presented at we live in space/Show Box L.A.

Hex Hum (2017)
REDCAT Studio: Spring 2017 4-9-2017
REDCAT Studio: Spring 2017 4-9-2017REDCAT Studio: Spring 2017 4-9-2017
Presented as part of REDCAT’s Studio: Spring 2017. Photo by Steve Gunther © CalArts.
Pictured: Myrrhia Jade and Meg Wolfe.

New Faithful Disco (2016)

World premiere at REDCAT, Los Angeles January 28-30, 2016
PICA/TBA Festival (Portland) – Sept 10 & 11, 2016
DiverseWorks (Houston) – Nov 2016
Live & On Stage, National Performance Network (Austin) – Dec 2016

Meg Wolfe: New Faithful Disco 1-27-2016Meg Wolfe: New Faithful Disco 1-27-2016Meg Wolfe: New Faithful Disco 1-27-2016         Meg Wolfe: New Faithful Disco 1-27-2016
Photos by Steve Gunther © CalArts.
Dancers: taisha paggett, Marbles Jumbo Radio, Meg Wolfe.

Photo by Anke Shuettler. PICA/TBA Festival 2016

De-Archive (2013-14)

Shannon Does Cloudland  (2013)
Shank 130928_355

calling it something else for now (2012)

Shannon’s With the Band (Again) (2012)

trembler.SHIFTER (2011)
photos by Mathu Andersen

watch her (not know it now)  (2009)

Tender (2009)

Eleven Missing Days (2008)

Endurance Van – installation (2008)

The Return of Captain Ladyvoice (2007)

thirst (2006)

Terminal Hotel (2006)

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